webbpage with two b ' s

very important

new paragraph, do p

woah, for bold do b

italic, do i

marked ? ? ? ?, do marked

totally trust this website the 100% definetley most trusted research website.

ordered list

    1. very cool

    2. very nice

    3. link doesnt work

    4. thats kind of rude

not sure if you can create a body after mulitple headings and paragraphs, attempt one.

attempt one successful (:D)

cannot type the right symbol without triggering another open or close, but use the skinny bracket that looks like a triangle. Right above the comma and period on a standard keyboard.

use (o bracket) b (c bracket) to bold. example.

use (o bracket) i (c bracket) to itallicize. example.

use (o bracket) p (c bracket) for paragraph, example shown right here.

use (o bracket) a href="link" (close bracket with a) to import a link. as seen as shown right here.

*note that most links (at least here) dont actually transport to others (either that or i'm doing something wr0ng)

An orange subtitle.

a yellow line.

a green line.

a cyan big line!

a tiny blue line.

lets try this out.

that was a weird color, this is better.

ick. maybeee too bright.


that good, very good.

moving on.

a purple line.



this is not the "color:purple;" im looking for

maybe i can change it back

a purple line

a purple line

a purple line please

a purple line

color test




lemon false